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What People Think About Us

Peter Strauss Purchasing

Thanks to Phil’s HVAC experience, I was able to save my central AC unit due to their expertise in fixing it. They could have sold me a new unit but instead fixed at almost half the cost a new one would have been.

Adam Smith Teacher

Thanks to Phil’s Air, my house is now as “cool” as can be! They helped me replace my central air unit and installed it for me as well. fixed the heating system I’m very grateful as I could never do it alone! These guys are very careful, skilled and indeed fast!

David Jacobs manager

I loved Phil’s Air candor and obvious expertise regarding my new home and his recommendations. I hired him they they did a great a job.

Frank Jones Home Owner

I did not have heat for 48 hours and the company I was trying to get over and look in the matter cancelled twice. Phil’s Air came out almost 2 hours after I called them and inspected the heater. Turns out it was a loose connection in the wires and they resolved mu issues all…

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