Ductless Heating & AC

Ductless Heating & AC


Ductless air conditioner systems basically use the same process as a central AC system. However, while central air conditioners use one centrally located indoor unit that delivers cool air to your home through a series of vents and ducts, a ductless indoor system blows cooled air into one living space.

At the very least, a complete ductless system includes an indoor unit with an evaporator coil and blower fan; or an outdoor unit with a compressor, condenser coil and fan. The units are connected with copper refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring.

The outdoor compressor pumps refrigerant through the refrigerant tubing and then to the indoor unit’s coil. As the liquid refrigerant turns to gas, humidity and heat is removed from the air blowing across the coil, which sends cooler, less humid air back into the living space. The refrigerant, in gas form, cycles back to the outdoor coil where it is changed back to a liquid as heated energy is released through the outdoor coil. A ductless heat pump operates the same way for cooling and also has the ability to reverse the process for heating an indoor space.

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