Hot Air Furnace & Service

Hot Air Furnace & Service


There are four main types of furnaces: natural gas, oil, propane and electric. Furnaces usually have more than one section to them.

Electric Furnaces heats the air by exposing heated elements. Other types of furnaces require heat exchangers that heats the surrounding air. Lastly, the thermostat connects to the furnace and tells it to turn off (when the set temperature is reached).

Natural Gas Furnaces are highly economical. Gas furnaces can be up to 98% efficient. Natural gas is one of the most popular ways that Americans heat their homes; just about half the country currently uses natural gas. However, usage changes based on your geographic location.

Oil Furnaces are less efficient than gas furnaces, but the initial cost is lower. Natural gas furnaces can cost more to purchase.
Electric furnaces are the least costly to purchase, sometimes almost half the price of a gas furnace. Electric Furnaces are easier to install and usually last up to a decade longer.

Propane Furnaces comes from oil and gas production. Stored in tanks and used by almost 11% of households. This is a great alternate if gas and oil aren’t very accessible in your area. Call us to learn more or request a quote below.

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