HVAC Service & Sales

HVAC Service & Sales


We at Phil’s Air Conditioning, provide both commercial and residential HVAC installation and repair.

We specialize in Heating & Air Conditioning repair, installation and maintenance. From central air conditioning to hot air furnace issues, we can handle it all. We have established relationships with major contractors for large industrial projects. Our residential customers have been with with us for decades and that means more to us than anything else.

Most importantly is our commitment to clear honest communications and fair prices. Booking a job has no meaning if our customers are not satisfied when we are done. We also understand that sudden breakdowns often fall at the wrong time and HVAC expenses can get high. This is why we offer discounts during this time. While other companies might see it as an opportunity to gouge you on charges, we actually don’t charge extra for emergencies and work with in your budget when we can.

Please reach out to us and let us give you a free estimate. 

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