Residential Service Agreements

“Maintenance that pays for itself. Find out about our Preventive Maintenance Program”

Prompt, Polite, and Professional service at a price you can afford.  Can you afford to put off your home heating and cooling maintenance?  An affordable  Preventative Maintenance Program will insure your equipment is inspected twice a year, preventing costly replacements and uncomfortable interuptions in service.  Let us take care of your home heating and cooling system while you take care of your family.

With our residential Preventative Maintenance Plan you get…

01. Two scheduled visits  per year

Spring Preventative Maintenance Inspection

  • Check Central AC Unit.
  • Change Filter.
  • Check Freon levels.
  • Check Operating Pressures.
  • Check Amperage Draw of All Motors.
  • Lubricate All Serviceable Motors And Bearings.
  • Check Air Temperature Splits.
  • Check All Operating Controls.
  • Clean And Check Condensate Drain.
  • Check Condensate Pan For Leaks.
  • Check Return for Air Leaks And Replace Disposable filters.
  • Inspect All Electrical Connections.
  • Check Coils.

Fall Preventative Maintenance Inspection

  • Vacuum Furnace.
  • Check Blower for debris.
  • Check All Fuses.
  • Check All Safety Controls.
  • Check All Operating Controls.
  • Check Air- Water Temperature Splits.
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Check For Proper Combustion.
  • Inspect All Electrical Connections.
  • Lubricate All Serviceable Motors.
  • Change Filter.
  • Check Amperage Draw Of All Motors And Heating Elements.
  • Check Thermostat Calibration.

02. Priority Service

With a Service Agreement our customers always receive priority service in the event of an emergency. We provide 24 hour service. Contact (718) 966-8884

03. 20% Discount on Repairs

With a Service Agreement our diagnostics are free!

For more information and pricing about our Service Agreements Contact us

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