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top_logoTo help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution. That’s why Aprilaire considers your entire home when creating indoor air quality solutions for your home.

Whether you need humidity controls to add mosture to your home’s air or air purification to illiminate allergens, dust, mold spores, and more, Aprilaire offers great and affordable solutions.

Protect your family and your home from the unhealthy and damaging effects of over-dry or dirty air. Dry nose, cracked, itchy skin, and sore throats. Aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms. Painful static shocks. Chipping paint and plaster. Splitting or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim and molding. Sound familiar? Why go through another season with these problems when there is a solution—an Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier.

The Aprilaire Model 500A Whole-House Humidifier

Get big results for small to mid-size homes with the Model 500A Whole-Home Humidifier.

The Aprilaire Model 500A Whole-House Humidifier features a fully automatic control and built-in bypass damper, designed for use in small to mid-size homes.

  • Utilizes a manual humidifier control
  • Installed in either your living area or central heating and cooling system ductwork
  • Comes equipped with a drain to flush minerals from the unit
  • Has an evaporation capacity of 0.50 gallons per hour
  • Humidifies tightly-constructed homes up to 3,000 square feet in size

The Model 500A bypass humidifier is an economical proven performer in the extensive line of Aprilaire Humidifiers.

The Aprilaire Model 400A Whole-House Humidifier

Get big results for small to mid-size homes with the Model 500A Whole-Home Humidifier.

Need to maximize your humidity control with minimal water? Choose the Model 400A with automatic digital control.

The Aprilaire Model 400A Whole-House Humidifier features a built-in bypass damper and utilizes new evaporative technology to minimize water use. Gravity pulls water down, while the wicking action of the Water Panel ® draws it back to the top, using 100% of the water delivered to the unit. The Aprilaire Model 400A Whole-House Humidifier:

  • Features truly automatic control
  • Eliminates standing water, making it the perfect choice for homes with septic systems, locations where a floor drain is not available or families interested in water conservation
  • Has an evaporation capacity of 0.70 gallons per hour
  • Humidifies tightly-constructed homes up to a 4,000 square foot in size

The Aprilaire Model 400A Whole-House Humidifier is the newest addition to the extensive line of Aprilaire Humidifiers and may be the perfect solution for your home.

FACT: Air pollution is a serious problem — especially inside your home!

The EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. The EPA also reports that indoor air can be up to one hundred times more polluted than the air outside. One hundred times! And while you are offered many options — standard 1″ furnace filters, portable purifiers and ionizers — there’s only one truly effective solution: an Aprilaire Whole-House Air Cleaner.

The Aprilaire Model 5000 Whole-House Air Cleaner

Best for healthy homes: the Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner.

The Aprilaire Model 5000 Whole-Home Electronic Air Cleaner has been rated #1 three years running by a leading products ratings magazine for some very good reasons: It electronically charges particles and traps them like a magnet better than any other air cleaner – using 72 square feet of Aprilaire-branded filtering media. The Model 5000 is tried, true, and tested – delivering the highest efficiency possible.

Installed by your HVAC professional as part of your central heating and cooling system, the Aprilaire Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner can help give you the cleanest, healthiest air in every room of your home.

“Three most important methods of improving indoor air quality are source removal, air cleaning and increased ventilation.”

How Does It Work?
Through patented technology, particles entering the air cleaner pass through a control electrode, which focuses and intensifies an electrical field generated by ionizing wires. The particles are charged in the electrical field and then collected on grounded micro-fiber media. There is no monthly cleaning of collector plates like with other types of electronic air cleaners, in fact, the Model 5000’s media needs to be changed only once a year.

The Aprilaire Model 2200 / 2250 / 2400 Whole-House Air Cleaner

Why suffer from airborne allergens when you can remove them for good?

The best choice for allergy sufferers. Aprilaire 2200, 2250 and 2400 Whole-House Media Air Cleaners deliver the most efficient, cost-effective air cleaning for your home.

Equipped with over 72 square feet of filtering media that actually improves in efficiency over time, Aprilaire Models 2200, 2250, and 2400 Whole-Home Air Cleaners can give you exceptionally clean air throughout your home – at a very affordable price.

Which Model is Right For Me?
Three models of Aprilaire Media Air Cleaners are available for you to choose from depending on your furnace type. All models provide the same superior performance and come with a five-year limited warranty. And, because these models have no moving parts, they produce no ozone and are virtually maintenance-free.

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