York Commercial HVAC

york_jci_smallYORK/Johnson Controls HVAC products are focused on your needs. Why? Because we know the first thing you’re going to do is install our HVAC products. So we make sure quick and easy installation is our top priority. Then we assure that our product is easy to use without training and retraining your personnel.

And every product includes quality, built-in features. Plus our valves, actuators, dampers, sensors, pneumatics and HVAC equipment are rugged, and are lab and field tested for long life.

Packaged Rooftop Units

  • Low Operating Costs – Johnson Controls rooftop units have efficiencies which exceed legislated levels, resulting in low operating costs.
  • Heating Flexibility – Johnson Controls rooftop units offer a variety of heating options. All offer gas and electric heat, with the larger units also offering steam and hot-water heat.

Indoor Self-Contained Units

  • Individualized Control – Ideal where floor-by-floor control and metering are important.
  • Lower Cost Of Ownership – Lower capital, maintenance, and operating costs than other HVAC systems.
  • Flexible Construction – Available in fully assembled design or knockdown configuration.
  • Universal Control – Fully integrated control software allows communication with the building-automation system.

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